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Our 6th anniversary!

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My husband has it stacked.  Mother’s day, our anniversary, and our first son’s birthday, all pretty much one day after the next.  So there is no forgetting all the pampering I deserve. Our anniversary was on the 6th… so this post comes a bit late.  He came home from work, I got off a few hours early, and we were planning to go to dinner. That is until we realized that by living in Brooklin-Paulista we are surrounded by freeways (kinda like when we lived in downtown LA).  However, unlike living in downtown LA, there isn’t a plethora of trendy restaurants to hit up at night.  No those are all in Moema and Itaim Bibi.  Not to totally slam our area, there are places to eat… just not anything we felt was anniversary worthy.  We thought we would wait out the traffic, but google maps kept telling us all freeways were black (i.e. deadlocked not moving, good luck).  To be fair, it was ONLY 9pm… yeah traffic really really sucks in Sao Paulo. You’ve heard the city has their very own fleet of Helicopter taxis right??

So we thought we’d try the sushi place up the block from us, Sushi Kazoku.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY love sushi, and it’s been almost 6 months since I have partaken, and I’m not even pregnant. It’s almost bordering on a crime at this point.  So the husband, in a true act of love offered to go for sushi. This is an act of love as he had just gone for a sushi lunch.  Even better, they had Rodizio sushi (sushi buffet), and while the hubby had eaten just that for lunch, he figured he could order a small roll, and watch me be the gluttonous pig he married. Yum.  For the record the white fish with lime was disgusting. gag.

Ok, so I’m not going to say the fish was buttery, yummy Little Tokyo or real Tokyo goodness. But it wasn’t old and smelly, it wasn’t bad at all.    The orange ball of salmon is a salmon roll, wrapped in salmon instead of nori.  Like their meat, they lay on their fish think here too. No skimmping here.  I think it was like ~R$50ish for the buffet, and I was so stuffed I couldn’t finish the plate they brought out. I felt kind of bad.  Seriously though, they are CRAZY here.  The waiter asked me what I wanted, and I said a salmon hand roll and some tuna.  Well this is a BRAZILIAN sushi handroll, not a Japanese version.  See the thing was bigger than the ice cream cones at McDonalds!

Hubby ordered the standard.. spicy tuna, which included green onions, but not the normal mayo you find in the US versions of it. He rather liked it, and didn’t let me try one. So I can’t speak of it myself.  But as you can see here, it does look delicious.

And that was our ever so exciting anniversary in Sao Paulo.  Nothing too romantic, nothing over the top cheesy, just us spending some time together enjoying each others company thousands of miles from what we called home and loving every minute of it.


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