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A day at the Zoo— with scrooge and kid

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Let’s start out with the fact that my husband only views one Zoo as “worthy of his presence” — the San Diego Zoo.  When I pointed out that in the 6 years we lived in LA, we never once went.

“I would have driven you down and dropped you off any time you wanted honey.”

I have been to the San Diego Zoo with friends of course, and loved it. Wonderfully large Zoo, with happy animals, great variety, not too crowded, and again great animals.  So I thought we should visit the Sao Paulo Zoo while here.  What exotic animals would we see? Plus I have an 11 month old, he would love something like this.

“If there is no parking, we are turning around and going home. They are obviously not charging enough money if this many people are trying to get in.”

It probably took us an hour just to get to the parking lot. I was fine with this as my son needed to nap, and I had my Samsung Vibrant– until of course my husband took it from me so I could be as restless and miserable as he was sitting in traffic.  There were of course the guys on the side of the road offering to watch your car if you wanted to park along side the main road up. And varying R$10 parking signs about 1km before the entrance, but I didn’t want to walk in, if we were going to walk around the Zoo. So if there was no parking at the entrance, my husband was going to turn around as punishment for my refusal to walk, and the great injustice of making him sit in a traffic line up for an hour.  The line into the Zoo was equally as long.  With one line being for those who wanted to buy their tickets with their Itau card (we are Bradesco folks unfortunately).

“Here, give me our son. I’m going to go see if I can go get someone to buy our tickets for us up front. It’ll look better if I’m holding him.”

Yes, we used a bit of jeito.  He offered someone a little extra to buy our 2 tickets, so we could get in faster.  They weren’t exactly happy to do it, but they also didn’t say no. And we skipped waiting in another line.The comment about the cost to get in (R$16) and the hordes of people flooding the zoo was muttered repeatedly throughout the day.  Simple economics would have kept out all of these people, and made the whole experience much more enjoyable, or I guess probably tolerable in my husband’s opinion. It was jammed packed.

“Why are there so many people here? They don’t even have kids?!”

So we didn’t see any of the indoor parts, like the reptiles and snakes, as there were always lines.  We took our son to the large animals, as we thought he would be taken with them.  Giraffes, and a baby one too. Of course he would love these odd looking creatures!  As we held him in front of the baby giraffe, he tried to climb the fence and jump from my husbands arms… to get to the 6 pigeons on the ground.

Yep, my kid loves the birds.  Good thing this Zoo loves birds too. There were more birds here than at any Zoo I’ve ever been to. (Hawaii, San Diego, and Utah.. yeah a ton I know 😉 ).  He loved the parrots, as they were the most active of all the exhibits, screeching at him, to which he responded back. The monkeys here I thought would be great, as in Hawaii they are loud and interactive, but not so here in Brazil.  They just kind of sat there.  Good thing they were in a pond with lots of birds for my son to wave and yell at.  What is it with this kid and birds?

“Any large mammal is going to be hot and miserable like me.  And they’re gonna crawl into their little den and hide, or just lay there sleeping.”

That was the general sentiment, and reasoning for not going up to each exhibit crowded with people.  While it was pretty much true, as the heat generally made most animals lethargic and the crowds did make for a less than pleasant viewing experience, we did catch a glimpse of a few interesting animals. Like this South American Wolf. It’s like a fox wolf or something. He graced us with his presence before climbing back into his little dog house.

“That is not a real alligator. That is just there for decoration. It would eat the turtles.”

Sure honey. Whatever you say.

So in summary.  Some really cool birds.  LOTS of people, and probably not worth it for a 1 year old.  According to the hubby:

“At least this zoo has a lot of trees.  That’s probably all it has going for it.  This zoo seriously sucks.”

not that my husband particularly likes any Zoo other than the San Deigo Zoo of course, and for that matter really likes Zoos at all.

“I’d rather watch National Geographic or look at a picture of one of the animals up close.”

I reminded my husband that it was not the same thing. You didn’t get the movement, and the unscripted action of what the animal would do.  If so, my kid would be as interested in pigeons on TV as he is with them in real life.

Of course there were a few attraction that my husband was interested in… because he is 12 like that.


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  1. Funny you say that about the San Diego zoo. My Carioca husband says he’s been ruined by it and that the Rio zoo will only make him cry! lol

    • ojeitobrasileiro

      Yes, the only Zoo that I have found memories of is the Honolulu Zoo besides San Diego. .. the Honolulu Zoo has a nice petting Zoo, which I remember fondly. Wish they had that here… but the poor animals would be pet to death!

  2. In my defense, let me remind my wife that she was the one who took the zebra picture (own up to it wifey!)

  3. ooh, I could SO relate!! My husband calls going to the zoo a “programa de indio”, but I love it!


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