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What not to wear… REALLY

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One of my favorite shows in the US is What Not to Wear.  My husband is normally very against me watching the show, and changes the channel immediately.  But tonight I looked up and  Esquadrão da Moda was on.  Hot brunette, a guy, a trashcan, and one trashily dressed Brasiliera and I knew I had happened upon the What Not to Wear of Brasil!  … and wow, I really wouldn’t wear what she was wearing (cross between streetwalker and stripper) but I don’t think I’d pick out the outfits that they put her in either!

This is Brasil, so of course all of her heels remained 3″+… whatever they were still decent looking.  Of course fashion is different here, so cut off, frayed on the edges, “weathered” shorts with a plaid shirt and blazer were “shik”  The shorts they put her in as “cool” well they mad her arse look huge.  My husband pointed out this was the point, after all this was Brasil huge arses are coveted.

I couldn’t find the episode in particular. But where I think What Not to Wear always strives for a “classic” look, Brasil’s show didn’t quite strive for that as much.  See an example here of one of their outfits.  Those shorts are R$104!:

But the true joy of this show was the makeover part!

They fixed her hair by covering her roots, and leaving the goldy yellow bleach job.  Then came the haircut… oh wow.  The ends were still blunt, you could tell she just got her haircut, and even my husband looked at it and said, what did they just curl her hair?  It wasn’t that dramatic of a reveal, nor was it the most flattering style.  Then again, this is Brasil, long hair is in, you don’t see much other diversity on tv with women for other styles. Long flowing curls are sexy.

So the make up. My husband’s comment, “and now for the plastic surgery?” But no, they whipped out their fancy schmancy makeup.. yep that’s right folks, Avon.  They even gave her Avon perfume, which she oohd and ahhd over, and a bag full of Avon makeup.  No slam on Avon (yeah right). The make over involved the addition of large fake eyelashes, and a ghastly fuchsia lipstick..  What not to Wear I have noticed is much more fond of glossy peaches then fuschia lipsticks.  Either way, the end result was acheived. She looked a lot less streetwalker, and much more overly done Brasilian.  It was all just so Brazilian I had to laugh.

The funny thing, is before I moved to Brasil, I wanted to get an idea of what the fashion in Brasil was like.  Day-to-day -fashion was hard for me to research, online. High end fashion, and day-to-day are different.  There site gives you an idea of day-to-day, and because they have the outfits, brands and prices. I will stick with my classic American What not to Wear fashion however, now that I know.


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  1. I’m kind of in love with this. No idea that What Not To Wear had migrated so far south! A little slice of home, I guess?

  2. OMG! What channel? What day? What time?

  3. ojeitobrasileiro

    Ehh, I get TLC here so I get most of home, and Fox and TNT.

    It is on SBT Tuesday at 20:30.


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