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A day off in Sao Paulo

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Thursday and Friday are Brasilian Holidays due to the Easter weekend here in Brasil. Pretty sweet for my husband as he picked up something nasty last weekend and has needed them to recoup.  As such he didn’t want to go to the beach. Great for me, as I finally got to go to Embu.. the Art City.

So Embu… lots of rustic style furniture stores.  You could probably find it in any interior city, but this city is jammed full of them and only 30 minutes from Sao Paulo.  Can’t really blog about food, as I wasn’t really impressed by lunch.. pretty lack luster, so fail Embu.  However, there were lots of stores full of various items for decor.  Prices seemed similar to the Rustic store down from where I live, so I guess go for the diversity in products.

I kind of want to slowly collect items from various trips, versus buying everything in one location though.  We did however, toy with the idea of buying our son some homemade wood toys, as he seems to have an abundance of electronic plastic toys, and I think there is just something healthy for little kids having just the old fashion wooden toys.. call me a Montessori.

Needless to say we didn’t buy any art, furniture or toys as I guess we are not cultural people. We did buy a very yummy bottle of peppers (hot) and a large jar of creamed coconut and passion fruit.  They were $R10 each, so cheaper than the grocery store down the street.   Because we didn’t want to go home, and hubby seemed to finally be feeling better we decided to head to the Sao Paulo LDS temple in Morumbi for some “park” time.   See we could go to one of the many parks in Sao Paulo, but they are public and crowded.  But taking our son to the LDS temple, the grounds were clean, safe, and not crowded.  We had the cleanest, greenest, plushest grass I’ve seen since leaving the states, and it was peaceful and safe.  So yes, we sat on the LDS temple grounds and let our child crawl back and forth, and run rampant.

I’ve never seen him as excited as he was.  I truly think this was my son’s best day ever.  I guess he really needs more grass time (too bad we live in Sao Paulo a city of concrete).  He crawled from one end of the grass to the other.  He rolled down the slight inclines.  He screamed at the big fountain (daddy even let him dip his toes in it).  We wrestled in the grass, he would jump on me and make me roll over and over with him, while squealing.  Best day ever.


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  1. Good tips on Embu and the LDS temple. Will definitely check both out! Guessing that the LDS folk won’t kick us out just because we are open to the idea that alien beings might have mated with monkeys on earth to create humans… 😉

  2. One of the things I love most about temple grounds (anywhere in the worlds) is how well kept and beautiful they are 🙂

  3. Wow what a nice view ur country is,hie I am anna I live in South africa.Ur boy is so cute.B blessed in Jesus name.

  4. South africa is cold and raining but its cool

  5. TupiniquimNosEUA

    Oh, no! I had great food in Embu. It was a restaurant hidden amidst all the cute little shops in one of the “ladeiras”, sorry I don’t remember the name.


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