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Quicky Post— the “Brazilian”

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I get a ton of Groupon and Peixe Urbano emails everyday. Peixe is like Groupon, daily “coupons” for your city. There is an underlying theme with all of these emails.  PEEL, PRIMP, LASER, LYMPHATIC MASSAGE, basically they’re mostly full of beauty deals.  Not surprising coming from Brasil, the country of the “Brazilian butt-lift.”

Today’s deal

Oferta do dia: Diga Adeus aos Pelos: 75% de desconto em 4 Sessões de Fotodepilação para 2 Áreas Diferentes na D’pil (de R$220 por R$55

Escolha entre Buço, Virilha e/ou Axilas (mulheres) OU Rosto, Nuca e/ou Pescoço (homens)

Yes 4 session of Laser Hair remove for R$55 – Choose from Fluff, Groin and / or armpits (women) or face, nape and / or neck (men). Great deal right?  But catch that.. Groin.  Ok the last thing I am doing 4 sessions of is laser hair removal. Sure maybe I like a trim, a wax, maybe I’ll feel like getting a Brazilian (do you ever really “feel” like getting a Brazilian??), but that’s my hair darnit, and thinking it’s gone forever is kind of odd. Sure take the hair from my legs, but my private parts is well… private.

So in conjunction with this email, I ran across this article in my RSS feeds from the Guardian, Pubic hair removal: The naked truth It was an interesting article about this new phenomenon.  However, for my purpose today, I have one line I wish to share.  The article points out that this subject seems to be something that only women seem to be doing, talking (or blogging in my situation), about. Even notice the coupon above, the option for the Groin is not left for men. Ok, it’s probably just the bikini line (being that this is a coupon) and not the full groin area… but still the procedure exists, and is happening to innocent womanly parts world wide.

Ahh yes, the quote… Why this and the “Brazilian” are not plaguing men world wide:

They are not going to make the effort to do anything to please a woman, at the cost of their own comfort.


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  1. I was just having a conversation the other day about lady landscaping!

  2. eww, you just had to post the picture to go with the blog.

  3. Ha! You posted a hairless pussy

  4. The lazer hair removal makes me nervous. I’m kind of a noncommittal type person. What if I need my hair? What if the climate changes and I need to stay warm? I don’t know, seems too permanent…

  5. ojeitobrasileiro

    Ahh I needed that laugh!!! I’m working all night. I’m still smiling 🙂

  6. This is definitely too much information for me to be sharing online :), but laser hair removal on my armpits and bikini line (that’s a better translation for virilha in this context 🙂 that I did in Sao Paulo (with a Peixe Urbano coupon no less!) is one of the best things I have ever done. I didn’t get it ALL off, just enough that I can decide on Friday afternoon if I want to go the beach and not worry. Also, it solved the ingrown hair problem I had from waxing. As for men not doing it… I always think… who would want that job? :p

  7. i think removing hair permanently is great. you can decide how much u want to remove… most people just do a “bikini line” like Zoe said.

  8. I just still don´t understand why the naked way is called “Brazilian” as the brazilian girls prefer the “bikini line”…

    • It is because it became popular at a salon in New York .. run by Brazilians, so it got known as the “Brazilian” especially when Americans thought of Brazilian bikini bottoms, we just continued to build on the idea.


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