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Brasil and braille

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Brasilians are very considerate. Elevators have two doors, so one doesn’t open to an empty elevator shaft. Windows and balconies have netting so kids and animals don’t fall. And recently, I’ve noticed and interesting phenomenon with food… Braille and the ever present gluten warning.

The Braille on packaging isn’t consistent, but it is definitely something I haven’t encountered in the US.  From a bit of quick googling it seems that braille on packaging seems to be something more popular in Europe. Considering the very strong influence of Europe on Brasil, I can only assume that like the fine cheese, and love of wine the Brazilians have also adopted Europe’s packaging standards as well. See here:

More prevalent however is the Gluten warning.

My mother has celiacs disease, so I happen to notice the gluten warning a lot more than most would. In the US it seems that Celiacs disease has been getting a much stronger foothold, with Betty Crocker even making a cake mix now!  However, the listing of gluten in foods, is not as popular as listing dairy and nuts.  Here however, it seems more likely to see a notification that the food doesn’t have gluten than it has or was processed in a facility that processes nuts. It’s kinda crazy! Seriously, I see the gluten warning on bottles of coconut milk…bags of frozen broccoli… because if there is any doubt, coconuts and broccoli don’t contain gluten 😉  The addition of the gluten warning was passed by the Brazilian government in 1992, which I find to be rather forward, as even in the US Celiacs disease was just barely getting proper light.  I am assuming the Peanut allergy lobby here isn’t as strong as the US one… that and Brasil is not in love with Peanut Butter like the US.


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