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What we did for Carnival

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The hubby and son partying it up Brasil style for Carnival!!! wooooo hooooo!

What did you expect, we have a 10 month old. It wasn’t like we were going to party in the streets with the rest of Brasil. So we kept all of our clothing on, my husband did not don any female clothing, and my shoes do not smell of urine or alcohol, and headed into the country to visit the family of my husband’s long time friend, Hugo (the H is silence for all of you Americans) 🙂    Hugo’s family lives on a Sítio – a small farm or vacation home in the country. Most are for rent, but Hugo’s parents have retired here, and this is their quaint little farm, sans chickens.

The funny thing about the Brasilian countryside, is that the forests are filled with more than squirrels.. try monkeys and iguanas too. I forget these little things as it all seems so “country.”  I think this is the first time I’ve let my kid really play in grass, poor little city kid!  He would start at the bottom of this small hill to the well, and instead of playing on the flat, he would immediately take off up the hill.  Of course if we started him at the top, he wanted down!

Most of the time everyone relaxed in a hammock, ate food, or just chatted in Portuguese.  I got to hang with the wee ones playing Uno– they were surprised I understood the rules they explained to me in Portuguese. No worries, those little sharks still kicked my butt.  We and others, spent a ton of time swinging the monkey in the hammock, and we realized we really need to get ourselves one.  How are we living in Brasil and we not own one?


We also had phenomenal Brasilian cuisine the entire weekend, ala Hugo’s parents who used to own a restaurant.  Saturday night, I was forced into the kitchen by my husband got to shadow some cooking in the kitchen. The funny thing is, even  with all explanatory words being in Portuguese I could understand the recipe.  My husband is happy that I actually learned a few Brasilian recipes.  Lime Mousse, Pizza, and a really great recipe for hot chocolate (which I have included at the very end of this super long post).  I also finally had Farofa that tasted good. If you ask someone they would tell you it tastes somewhat like sawdust. If you asked me before this weekend, I would have said the same.  But Hugo’s mother’s Farofa was nutty and flavorful, with a bit of a sawdust like consistency… still yummy. A nice plate of my Brasilian BBQ meal.  The carrot salad was simple, yet refreshing and delicious.

Sunday’s BBQ brought a bunch of friends and neighbors over, and they stayed for a big pizza dinner.  My son’s got an eye for girls on him and immediately took to the cutest 11 year-old I’ve ever seen, Bruna.  She spent most of the day catering to his every little whim… he’s SOOO his father’s son.

As we have a fire burning pizza oven at our apartment (that it seems no one uses), we really were curious as to how to use it.

It was really interesting to watch Hugo’s family make it, of course the numbers man my husband is he spent the entire time talking about the actual cost of the pizza versus the price his family would charge.  I think he told him a simple Margherita pizza costs about R$4.  My husband hit the roof at this point, since pizzas here can be R$30 to R$40.  Maybe we will open a pizza restaurant!

The best Hot Chocolate EVER

  • 4  cups of Milk
  • 1 cup Baking Cocoa Powder
  • 1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1 tsp of cornstarch

Heat the milk on medium heat, add the cocoa powder, then make a roux with the cornstarch and a bit of milk, add the can of sweetened condensed milk.  Heat thouroughly and serve.


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  1. Wow this post is the coolest it was like being on the trip with you. Hope you get that hammock it looked relaxing. The family you visited I loved there oven in the wall, and the seen of the yard. hey don’t for get a coat for that cat he he she looked cold. To bad for that lady on the plane med a pose lasted to long for her. you all be safe. Aloha

  2. ojeitobrasileiro

    Ahh Gigi I miss you. When are you coming to visit 😉 Luckily that hideous cat is not mine!


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