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Sodium much?

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I will admit, I am not much of a salt eater. It bloats me. As I have a modicum of pride, I won’t be posting any photos from my pregnancy…but yeah it bloats me.

It is no surprise that Brazil is offering free Blood Pressure medicine now.

A. Because Dilma is a socialist and

B. Because the Brazilians love themselves some salt.

Last year the Consumerist posted an article that was so ojeito Brasileiro… “have more sex, help your blood pressure go down!” Yes, their health Minister recommended more excercise and specifically called out sex as an option.  Maybe this is what is keeping the entire nation from keeling over from a heart attack.  Seriously though, these people like their salt. BBQ (churrasco) is notoriously salted. Feijoada is best made with not just pigs feet and ham hocks, but heavily salted pig meat. Every meal I make results in “Frank the Brazilian” re-salting the plate heavily (this is after I have against my better judgement already heaped on what I thought to be an unhealthy portion of the stuff). But most importantly (ahem), McDonalds (and pretty much all other burgers I have tried) are super salty. At first I thought my lack of McyDs consumption had made me forget how bad the burgers tasted. But while the meat tasted as poor as always, I know it wasn’t  this salty in the U.S. . . .just good ole American nasty.

So for a country known for their passion, and for making out on the street.  . . maybe it’s helping them cope with their massive amount of sodium intake… maybe.

I miss low salt…but when in Rome…



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  1. How interesting. When I lived in London I thought food was tasteless there – of course, as a Brazilian, I was sure they just didn´t know how to season their food properly. Reading your point of view though, I realize we do eat a lot of salt!
    Well, there are a lot of people with high blood pressure and worse, having diseases that are trigger by their high intake of salt.
    I believe that´s why the medication is now free, because there are too many people suffering from this. I think the fact most of the country has a warm weather and makes you sweat like a pig helps to keep people from dying from it. Or at least, postponing…


    • I totally didn’t think of the warm weather and sweating helping out with the sodium intake! But that is probably true. Brazil isn’t as bad as the US yet, but still the number of people plagued with high blood pressure is pretty high. So yes, thus why the governments stepping in, as there are indeed a lot of Brazilians being affected. In the end, you guys don’t have as many processed foods as us, so your blood pressure and diabetes shouldn’t be as bad as us fat Americans 🙂


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