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My Valentines day post- about poop

Ok it’s not about poop exactly, but it was a crappy V-day. We celebrated early, and I’m glad for that as I’ve been sucked into a bunch of IT headaches today.  The husband is asleep in bed, and I’m just waiting for my phone to stop ringing, everyone to be happy, and life to fall into place again.  Which made me think what a poopy V-day I’ve had. … which made me think about how different bathrooms are in Brasil. 🙂  Yes I’m sure you were wondering how my crappy day ties into Brasil.

I have noticed, pretty consistently, that Brasilian bathrooms have a little drain on the floor next to the toilet.  The bathrooms that do not have a bidet, often have a little spray nozzle next to the toilet.  I have debated if having a large, ugly drain on my bathroom floor is a positive or a negative.  Living in a city of apartments, I am comforted knowing my neighbors toilet has a big drain right next to it.  I think however, the drain is probably just an easier way to clean the tile floors as you just squeegee it all into the drain.

our toilet

Now I’ve mention the “poop bucket” previously.  This is obviously not the proper term for it, probably little garbage can next to the toilet that you are supposed to put your used toilet paper in would be the correct term.  Yep, that’s right no flushing of paper for you!  Anyway, I digress, it’s midnight here, and I’ve been up since 4 am. So the toilets, I used to really dislike.  To flush them, you don’t just push down on a lever or button, but you actually have to hold the lever or button down to make the toilet flush. No flush and walk out quickly, nope you get to make sure it all goes down.  Like I said, I used to hate this.  But then I got to thinking how nice this is. It’s not a low-flow toilet, which I hate as sometimes low-flow just isn’t good enough. And it’s not super flushy let me kill the ocean toilet either.  It’s a toilet that flushes based on what you need or don’t need.  So in some small way the Brasilian’s are saving water. If you consider the shower culture here, they are also kind of saving water too.  Those water guzzling baths that we are used to, seem to be rare.  The hotel we stayed at advertised “Americano” bathtubs.  Some people have electric showers; however, our hot water for our shower is heated in this little gas heater in our laundry room. It is teeny, makes a ton of noise, but in some ways it’s nice.  No worry if the person before you used all the hot water, as you know it’s being made right now!


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I'm just another soul on the internet, posting random thoughts into the ether, because well I love stumbling on other peoples random thoughts, so I figured why not add mine to the mix too. I'm also the mom to two very funny little boys, and how can you not share that with everyone?

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  1. Dear Scrubgrub,

    I just literally completed writting a post about “bidets”.
    How funny you are writting about it too.
    You got it right, Brazilians wash tile floors with lots of water, soap and bleach, so the drains are a necessity.
    All tiled areas in your apartment will have a drain.
    The “throwing used toilet paper in a basket” is a pest of an urban myth that I have no idea where it started.
    Apartments in Sao Paulo have perfectly good and strong flushing toilets that you could throw your couch in and flush it without any problems 🙂 as you probably have noticed.
    Sao Paulo as a rule doesn’t have a problem with lack of water, it actually has too much water, so you don’t see water saving measures like we see in some other areas.
    Hope you have a better week!


    • Probably a result of septic tank systems that most people had. The less you put it in it foreign, the better it will work. But yes, I throw my paper in all the time just out of habit and no issues yet.

      And yes, there seems to be no shortage of water, and no efforts to conserve when it comes to cleaning.


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