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Valentine’s Day– a bit early

This weekend my husband was uncharacteristically not working, and as such he thought it would be a good idea to surprise me with a vacation out of the city to an unknown location.  So we hopped into the car and drove the 150 km to the beach.  My first photo opportunity was the toll road!  My husband leaned back and asked me for my small bills, only to discover that it was ~R$20.

Brasil is interesting, as there are always people handing things out (kind of like Japan) in public.  At this stop there were girls handing out samples of pasta packages.

We stayed at the Mibamar Pousada, right across from the beach.  The hubby wishes we had paid more and stayed at the Maresias Beach Hotel across the street or Coconuts, the other hotel with beach access and that is a real hotel.  These hotels are modern and crisp, and the rooms face the beach.

With a 9 month old, sitting on the beach was a nightmare an adventure.  As this is Brasil, you don’t exactly leave your belongings on the beach while you swim.  So we took turns heading into the water, while one of us watched the little boy as he tried to shovel sand into his mouth.  What was nice is that there are these little stands at the beach that if you order food/water/coconuts etc.. they give you a chair and umbrella.  Our Pousada rented us them as part of the accommodations.

However, after a few trips into the ocean, we decided to take a break from the sand buffet, and head to the pool at the Maresais hotel and eat lunch and enjoy some not sand…. like daddy’s shoulder.  MMM sunscreen!

There’s no point to this photo, other than I love how blue the sky was in Maresais and how green the greenery was! … and I love my boys.

We thought we’d eat at the hotel’s restaurant, and I ordered a burger and fritas and my husband a chicken sandwich.  you can see from the pricing on the menu that we expected the food to be edible.  For those of you who have ever eaten public school lunch in Hawaii, you’ll know exactly what this food tasted like.  For the rest of you, imagine the saltiest, greasiest, processedest hamburger you’ve ever eaten on really dry bread.

As our hotel was a Pousada, it was much more boutique, so the hotel was a bit of new renovation and old charm. Personally, I liked that it was cozy.  My husband hated that you could see through various cracks under the door, and in the wood beams. I loved all the green plants, the little play area that was not made out of plastic, but a hand-made house and kid’s swing.  We were also told that this is the only hotel that allows pets, so for pet lovers good news. For those of you like my husband, who don’t like to hear your neighbors dog bark until they get home at 10pm, I’d look elsewhere.

As my son didn’t quite take to the ocean waves (he wasn’t ever quite sure if they would sweep him away), we decided to take him into the pool (tons of firsts this weekend!).  He loved the splashing, and made some friends with some of the other kids.

I am very proud of myself that I could actually follow the very cute conversation my husband had with the kids.  With questions like, “Do you speak Portuguese?” (This is of course about 5 minutes into the conversation held entirely in Portuguese between my husband and the boy).  Or requests like, “Can you say your son’s name in Portuguese?”… i.e. please pronounce it so it makes sense to us.

And of course ………

both boys really liked the ladies.  . .

We also hit up a few restaurants in the area.  For dinner the first night (no photos as my camera died) we went to Tia.  A lot of time in Brasil when you order a meal, it’s not just for one person.  This was the case for this family restaurant.  The meal was for two; however, the serving size was more like for 3-4.  We ordered stroganoff with rice and fries.  Someone else ordered a platter of seafood and other items and it smelt amazing!  There was also a cute sign in Portuguese that said my family works to serve your family, so I’m pretty sure it’s a family restaurant.

Lunch the next day was Empanada Tucumana, where unlike all empanadas I’ve ever had in California, they were baked, not fried, and were delicious!

I also saw the first Coke Zero in a bottle.  I wish bottled drinks were sold more often, they’re soo beautiful.

We also picked up a small bunch of apple bananas for R$10, the large ones were R$30.  They were sooo sweet and teeny it was cute.

Well I know this was a TON of photos, but there was just so much that we saw, and this doesn’t capture half of it!  All in all it was good to get out of the apartment and to finally see a bit of Brasil!  Yes, even the bub was sick of all the photos. As a native Californian, my child has learned from the celebrities of Hollywood how to properly handle the Paparazzi.


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I'm just another soul on the internet, posting random thoughts into the ether, because well I love stumbling on other peoples random thoughts, so I figured why not add mine to the mix too. I'm also the mom to two very funny little boys, and how can you not share that with everyone?

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  1. Dear Scrubgrub,

    Sorry to correct you, but the sweet banana you showed on the photo is called “Banana Ouro” or “Banana Gold” and not “Apple Banana” “Banana Maca”.
    Banana Ouro is very delicate, it goes bad in hours, not in days and it is usually only found on coastal towns where they are produced.
    If you ever tried to take some back to Sao Paulo they will most likely spoil on the way home and will probably be bad by the time you get to Sao Paulo.
    I am very familiar with Maresias, my sister has a beach house at a gated community there and next time you go, you can relax and leave your things unattended on the beach and go swim, no one will touch your valuables.
    It is a different story if you go to a large city like Rio or Santos, those are big city and all bets are off…
    But I never heard of people leaving valuables on the beach in Malibu, California or Hollywood, Florida either, where we have lived before.
    A big city is a big city, it is smart to take turns like you did, but Maresias is a laidback small beach community where everyone knows everyone by name and you will always be safe.
    My sister had a pair of “Havaianas” taken from her beach chair once in Maresias and her maid brought it back the next day.
    The maid said an ten year old girl took it and the mother found out and brought it over to my sister’s maid to bring it back to her.
    It looks like you guys had a great time, I love those little pousadas.
    Tia restaurant also makes great Pizza, you should try it next time.



    • Ahh yes, my husband now remembers her saying Ouro; thanks for the correction. The bananas are still good but seem to bruise easily and are black where they were resting on the counter last night.

      As for safety, it is nice to know that Maresias is a small, sleepy town. While we actually left our things on the beach all the time in LA. I think being obvious foreigners here, we will still reside on the cautious side.

      I view it like beaches in Hawaii. You are always safe if you are a local. Everyone knows you and no one wants to make trouble. But tourists are not always as safe. Not saying Maresias is like that, but I’d rather be cautious. That and who says everyone on the beach is from Maraesias on the weekend 🙂

  2. Oh, that Ryder is cute! So, um, I’m assuming Ryder is pronounced the same in Portuguese? LOL

  3. Love your pictures! We’ll have to check out the place, as we already need a get-away – and so soon after the holidays.
    What is up with passing stuff out at the toll booths? Once time we got processed cheese…

  4. What a great trip! Loved all the pictures!

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