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Tropical treats

Being from Hawaii I grew up eating very fresh tropical fruit. I have missed yummy mango, huge avocados, guava, and passion fruit. I was sad that while I could find most of these in LA they were poor excuses for very delicious fruits. So I have VERY much been looking forward to Brasil. Pathetic, unripe fruit is obviously not the case in Brasil. My son will grow up eating the yummiest, and exotic of fruits.

I thought I would just go to the Feira and buy fresh fruits and mash them, but these are the exotic baby food mixes I can find here. This is guava with milk (bananas and apples), and a jar of cashew fruit.  I never knew cashews grew on fruits! Hubby says that it makes you thirsty so I don’t know how bub will like this. They were R$2.79 for the state 2 jars, so all in all not drastically more than the US … and well they’re exotic, so worth it.

We also picked up some mangoes at the Feira the other day.  Yes, I finally have a cheap farmers market close by (I never really liked the one’s on the Bank of America plaza in downtown LA, they weren’t really farmer’s markets). My son absolutely loved mango!  We gave him a strip to chew on, and he sucked it clean.  So we tried to take the chewed piece from him and trade for a chunk of fruit but he was mango crazed and snatched it back.

Don’t mess with me mom!

We have also fed him passion fruit juice, which he liked a great deal more than apple juice. I still can’t get him to drink apple juice out of a sippy cup, but passion fruit juice was not a problem. At least we know he knows how to use the cup now.

And of course, he threw a fit at the restaurant the other day so the waitress brought him pao de queijo (cheesy balls! Ok, only I call them that). You can see he is quite proud he scored free food.

imageIt is sooooo Good mom..give me more


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  1. Fresh mangos should get him through the first few years. =8^)


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