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Shopping at the mall

Fancy title I know right? I don’t have the energy to come up with something witty. Needless to say I have no desire to go to the mall again soon.  I’ve seen on a few blogs people mentioning their visits to the mall. Honestly, there is no draw for me.  The clothing is super expensive, and the quality just isn’t there for me. If I am going to pay high prices ($R100 for board shorts), I’m going to pay those prices for designer apparel in America. That and the parking is not free, so yes the country will get every last centavo you have.

So why was I at the mall then if I’ve already imposed a no shopping for shoes or clothing at the mall ban on myself? Well we need a cell phone (because I am a moron who left her tablet on the seat pocket in front of me, and was a trusting fool to think that the cleaning crew would turn it in), and a WHOLE house full o’ furniture.  So we headed to Casa Bahia and Fast Shop to price out …well pretty much everything.  Casa Bahia reminds me of those furniture stores from the 70’s… um yes I realize I wasn’t even born yet.  The selection was almost all purchased and mostly white.  Next door was Fast Shop, more of the Best Buy of all in one shops.  The interior was modern and fancy and all of the workers were young and cute.  Needless to say we were swayed by all of the silver appliances, and ended up purchasing all of our goods here.  No not really, we’re too cheap to be swayed that easily.  They actually will negotiate with you a lot on pricing if you are buying a bunch all at once, AND you have prices from next door that you are holding them to.  There are also all the “sale” items, which is pretty much what we bought.

Being someone who always lived in furnished apartments, it was kind of fun initially to pick out my own appliances. I finally have a sweet stove to get my cook on.  As the whole expedition took about 3 hours, by then end I’m not 100 percent positive what we bought. But here are the photos… I think. We may also have got a range hood and an air conditioner…or two, and I know at one point my husband went off to look at TV’s and found a 40″ TV (without internet, but with USB ports) for about R$1500, but don’t know it looks like to post a photo.  We could have got an LG 32″ for the same price that came with wireless internet. Either way, all done and said with delivery and install everything rounded out to around R$10,000 give or take a few hundred. For the record, HSBC’s debit card was part of the reason we were stuck in the store. The card would not let us run it through for even R$5000 (the daily limit), and we wanted to pay on debit as it was saving us R$500.  We ended putting it all on our Capital One, but boo to HSBC.  We finally left the store at 11pm, thanks to the whole HSBC debit card issue. And had we not been so tired, the husband is pretty sure we could have negotiated down further.  We did get them to give us a 2 year warranty on most of the items for free.


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I'm just another soul on the internet, posting random thoughts into the ether, because well I love stumbling on other peoples random thoughts, so I figured why not add mine to the mix too. I'm also the mom to two very funny little boys, and how can you not share that with everyone?

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  1. After you’ve been in Brasil for awhile, I would love to hear your observations about socialism there and perceived socialism in the US.

    Also, I was wondering how the culture is regarding this issue:

    • Oh how you keep me on my intellectual toes! I am trying not to make any rash over sweeping political commentaries just yet. However I can tell you, I have never felt more welcome in restaurants with my child… fyi that link didn’t work. I am assuming it along the lines of most fancy restaurants hate kids or make you feel uncomfortable, which happened all the time in LA. Here it’s like you have brought them a little blessing of cute.

      • Oh sorry the link didn’t work. Maybe blocked for outside US? But yes, it talked about a family’s experience at a fancy restaurant in Napa, which was the rude hostess sending them away, claiming there was no seating and hours of wait (both lies).

        As for the political commentaries, I was just curious. I’m not trying to push your buttons or anything.

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  3. Very interesting, its funny we are shipping a container and so we bought all new appliances in Chicago before moving thinking they would be much cheaper and we have similar items to what you got and when it was all said and done with delivery fees to the container I dont think we saved all that much judging from your post (AND you got a few air conditioners – which we still need to purchase)! Which is quite surprising! Anyways, thanks for sharing!

    • Actually the correction to this post is that we only looked at the air conditioners, but did not purchase them…. I too have a container waiting to get shipped down. We are still dealing with paperwork though, and it’s just an awful headache.

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