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Traveling… with infant

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Traveling wasn’t too bad at all… other than the fact that I left my Tablet on the flight from SLC To DFW… yeah, let’s just say the spouse is none to pleased.  I am hoping the nice people in Lousiville, Kentucky let me know some good Texan found it on their flight and turned it in.  Stranger things have been known to happen.  This missing tablet means there are no photos for me to share of the whole experience (yep that’s the biggest let down of the whole missing tablet right??).

So I traded some old couple the bulkhead seats AA had assigned me.  What I was going to do with two seats that didn’t let the arm rest up was beyond me.  My kid LOVED flying.  He seriously went crazy once I opened the window and he could see out it. He was laughing so hard and kept kissing me…baby kisses are more like you are being drowned in slimy slobber though, so not exactly pleasant.

In Dallas the nice ladies at the counter convinced a Platinum member to give up their seat so we could have two seats next to each other and at the window.  This meant that my son pretty much slept the whole flight. I laid him down in his little seat bed and he was out.  I of course slept like anyone does on the plane, with the additional stress of worrying about my son rolling off the seat, so having to prop my leg or body up as a shield.

When I landed in Sao Paulo, I felt like I was landing at one of the outer island airports in Hawaii.  You could see lots of green tropical trees, the runway had grass along the side of it, and of course there was tons of red dirt.  Even the airport itself reminded me of Honolulu’s airport.

When you first disembark you go through customs with the Federal Police to show them that you have a Visa.  I got to go in the same line that the pilots and flight attendants used as I had a baby, so skipped the huge line.  At the baggage claim everything was already stacked up and waiting, so I grabbed one of the free carts, finagled a few Brasilian guys to help me stack up my 3 large bags strategically on one cart, stowed the baby in his stroller, and stacked his car seat on his lap, and began pushing the “mega cart” and dragging the stroller behind me. I was quite the spectacle!

The next line you get in is the line where you hand them your baggage declaration and then they xray your items.  Well all around the airport are these guys with yellow vests that say “Can I help you?” in English. One of them came up to me, explained that there was a “mothers line”, and took me to the very front of the line.  I thought wow sweet, that’ll save time, now will I stand out so they will do an extra thorough job of x-raying my luggage, and notice who I packed the entire US into 3 suitcases and my GIANT stuffed backpack?  Well the answer to that worry is no!  As soon as I handed the woman my bagged declaration slip, they ushered me right out the door. Yes people that’s right, I totally skipped through the X-ray machines, because I had a little baby.

I am exhausted, and there is a ton more about Sao Paulo that I’ve experienced now that I’m here.  But I can’t help but think of Sao Paulo as a mix of Germany and Hawaii, and I loved living in both places, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it here too.



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  1. I’m so glad you made it safely and without any major hiccups (sans Tablet).

    Now it’s time for adventure!!!

    PS I miss you already!

  2. I’m so happy you survived! The pros of having a baby…going to the front of lines.
    I loved living in Germany and I love visiting Hawaii – doesn’t sound too bad!

  3. the cleaning crew usually will find it and give it to the desk at the gate. They’ll turn it into lost and found. so if anything, DFW probably has it.

  4. more likely TSA saw it as an unknown device and blew it up


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