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It’s all about perspective – settling in

I got a rather long, frustrated email from the husband today.  Do you remember in college, the night before an exam where you could feel your brain studying as you laid in bed? That restless, I need to solve this puzzle feeling is something that he constantly has with him.  From trying to find the right Portuguese words to express what he needs, to figuring out where in this large city called Sao Paulo we will finally call home, I think he is feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I am sure I will feel like this when I arrive to.  But sometimes you just need to change your perspective.  I recently purchased a Johnny Jump Up for the little monkey.  He was getting a bit whiny so I took him out and laid him on the floor for a second, so I could grab something. When I turned around he was laughing at the jumper swinging above him.  In fact, I think he loved it more than the jumping.

It’s the same way with Brasil.  Sure the car we will have to buy will be something we never would have bought before. Sure he is now selling the beautiful, new cooled and heated seat Lexus that he just bought a few months ago.  Yes, a nice Brazilian apartment isn’t of the same quality as a nice Los Angeles apartment. And yes, “broadband” internet does not translate into 10 MB speeds.

But if we stop trying to make Brasil be America and take a different perspective, I think some of our stress will disappear.  We are not expecting to drive the same luxury cars as we do in America. In fact, we should welcome not worrying about getting our car keyed, doored, or hit.  Shopping daily, and getting both fresh fruit and fresh baked bread will be a welcome change to the once a month shopping trips I tend to do now.  Sure the food items may be a bit more expensive sometimes, and I’ll have to shop more often. But acai, mango, avocado, and fresh bread will be well worth the extra shopping trips.

Yes, apartments do not come with any of the fixtures. We’ll need to buy new toilet seats, and most of the carpet, flooring, and paint are well worn.  But I look forward to finally being able to DO SOMETHING with my apartment and not worry about not being able to change anything due to a deposit.  This apartment can be a mini home… and with only an 18 month assignment we don’t have to worry about do something we “may get sick of too soon,” and can take some adventurous leaps in decorating.

So I think we are going to take the perspective of my son.  Sure maybe things aren’t quite how we want them to be, but we’re going to have a good time anyway!

What have you found that you have learned to love about Brasil??




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