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Our stuff is being held ransom

So we got an email yesterday telling us that due to the ports in Brazil being super backlogged due to issues “currently” we can expect our things in 6 weeks. I had to laugh because here and here people moving have pretty much indicated this is standard timing… not “exceptional delays due to unusual conditions,” as this email seemed to state.  Then again, maybe it will be 8-10 weeks! ACK!!!

As we packed up everything on the 30th, I thought we were being smart and gaining time by still being in the US so that we wouldn’t feel like we were waiting as long for our stuff to come when we moved to Brazil. We had room so we threw in our iron.. yes we now have an Iron coming about 2 months after we would want to iron clothing. So we’ll be somewhat wrinkly for a bit.

Oh but see, Brazil is smarter than me.


The List of demands:

  1. 03 notarized copies of passport (all pages, including blank pages) – original document may also be required.
  2. 03 notarized copies of identification card (RG / RNE)
  3. 03 notarized copies of Income Tax Card (CPF)
  4. 03 notarized copies of airline ticket used to enter in Brazil first time with your visa  (boarding pass may be required too)
  5. 03 simple copy of proof of residence in Brazil
  6. 01 original of power of attorney plus 2 notarized copies (form will be supplied by Fink), this form should be issued by the Tabelião de Notas in Brazil;
  7. Valued list in Portuguese: form will be supplied by Fink and should be filled in Portuguese and mentioning values of goods to be received in US$. Form and instructions will be sent at the proper moment for preparation.
  8. 03 notarized copies of publication of visa grant at the “Diário Oficial da União”  (Brazilian official newspaper)

Today’s email held the list of documents we need to have notarized in Brazil.  The RNE identification card we can’t get until we are in Brazil, and we have no proof of living anywhere yet. And of course, they won’t release our items until we have actually boarded the plane to Brazil per line 4 . Boo!  Hubby has a training on international accounting on the 8th, so is flying out on the 11th.  This means our things most likely won’t ship till mid December!  So Happy Valentine’s Day to us, we finally got our shipment.  I hope those words don’t come back to haunt me.

Ransom note generate via the Ransom Note Generator.


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  1. Probably not the time to mention how it took 2 years to clear customs on an order I sent to Brasil at the old job….

    But it looks like you have all the info you need to stay on top of things!

    The ransom note generator, nice find. I should utilize that in the near future.

    • … anything technology related is a nightmare to get into Brazil if you ship it. Thus why we are each hand carrying in our ipod touch, ipad, iphone, laptop, and camera. Ryder will also be carrying in his ipad as well 😀

  2. Does this shipment include your Black Friday shoes? 😛


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