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Passport Photos

One would think that just one set of Passport Photos is all you need… considering you only have one Passport.  This however is not the case when you are traveling internationally for keeps.  Did you know that in Brazil when you are traveling with a kid you need a special document? We figure there will be lots of various documents we need photos for, and everything seems to be told to us one at a time, we got proactive.

Ahh but to the REAL point. We are cheap.

So we took some photos with the web cam, then we uploaded them to, which helps you crop and size them for free. Then we printed them out and measured them to make sure that epassport got it right, then we sent it to Walmart for some .09 prints. That of course BEATS $9.00 for 2 measly passport photos.

And how cute our the little monkey’s second set of passport photos?

Monkey Photos

He can't wait to fly

Seriously though, traveling with minors in Brazil is not as simple as Visa and Passport and walla!

Under Brazilian law, neither parent can travel alone with a child without the written consent of the absent parent or a court order granting either sole custody to the traveling parent or permission to travel with the child.  This applies to both domestic and international travel and includes married parents. US State Department

SO we went to the Brazillian Consulate with our little monkey in arms, and the form we had printed from the Consulate’s website.  They gave us a “priority number” probably due to little monkey being so adorable.

We get to the window, and the lady asks us who told us to fill out this  form?  “ummm you guys??”

She then explains the jeito Brasiliero.  “When you get down there you want to get one of these done in Brazil, ours won’t matter to the Police. And you probably just want to make a bunch of copies that you can give to the Police when they stop you and keep the original at home.  If you get an officer who’s having a bad day though he may want the original, but that probably won’t happen.”

Of course, knowing our luck, me and monkey will be driving home from the airport and the Police will stop us and ask for said form.

So hubby asks if we need a form to bring him in, as the Brazilians are notoriously strict on needing forms to leave the country.  She said we don’t need any forms if our kid’s not Brazilian… of course we don’t ever fully believe everything that’s been said, so I checked the US State Department’s website too:

Minors age 17 years and under who are not Brazilian nationals are not technically subject to the same strict travel requirements as Brazilian minors. However, there have been cases where the travel of non-Brazilian minors has been delayed or not authorized when accompanied by only one parent or a third party. To avoid potential difficulties, parents of non-Brazilian minors may want to follow the same procedures above if their children will be traveling to Brazil accompanied by only one parent or by a third party. US State Department

Either way, I’m going to have Ryan sign a form saying I can travel with Ryder, just in case he can’t pick me up at the airport.  The Consulate said I could probably get away with a form in Portuguese that we both sign.  I’ll upload it once we get it all typed up for future people to use.


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  1. Love the blog! I will be an avid follower. I feel your pain in getting minor children passports – we just had to do it for my boyfriends children had to have his ex-wife sign the form and have a copy of the drivers license one for each kid. They lost one of the copies of the exes license and we had to send another copy for them to process the passport. Ahh paperwork. Have a safe journey and a fantastic time.

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  4. My daughter has both a U.S. and a Brazilian passport. If I try to leave the country without all the paperwork, they will not allow her to leave with me, even though she is American! Agreed, it is always better to assume you’ll need more paperwork than you actually do.
    Born Again Brazilian


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